My Pelvic Pain Journey: Part 3

I held onto this verse many times during this journey, and I equally doubted whether I would work through my pelvic floor dysfunction. Especially when progress began to slow down and then stagnate, I felt myself sinking deeper into despair. But it was a despair I would only allow myself to share with those closest to me. Or I allowed myself to feel what I needed to feel in private, away from others.

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My Pelvic Pain Journey: Part 2

The messages we may have received growing up about sex are confusing.

“It’s easy – the penis goes into the vagina!”

“The first time will be painful, you may even bleed, but it feels better after that.”  

“What is there to learn? It’s anatomy!” 

Except…sex isn’t easy or painless for everyone. For me, it was the opposite. It was incredibly painful and very challenging.

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