Request a Workshop or Yoga Class

For the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia Area (DMV)

Yoga Classes

If you’re looking for a private/small group yoga class, Sameera is available to teach! Ideas include:

  • Glow in the Dark yoga class

  • Fundamentals of yoga 101 (a variety of poses and broken down into their components)

  • Women-only yoga class

  • Yoga for a fundraising event

  • Health and wellness fairs

  • Yoga for teens

  • Trauma-informed yoga, small group

Please contact Sameera using the form below.

Sexual Health or Mental Health Workshop

If you’re interested in a sexual health, sexual violence or mental health workshop please complete the following form. All sexual health and violence workshop requests will be forwarded to HEART Women and Girls.

Potential workshop offerings are:

  • What is mental health? Mental health literacy 101

  • Sexual violence 101

  • Healthy relationships

  • “The Talk”: Parents navigating sexual health conversations with their children

  • Sexual health 101

  • ADHD: Neurological understandings and practical strategies

  • Parents with children with special needs: Advocating for your child, IEP and beyond

Messages will be replied to within five business days. Please keep in mind at least a one to two month timeframe when requesting a yoga class or workshop, given my full-time role with HEART Women & Girls and teaching at Corepower Yoga.

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